Sometimes I Wish

​Sometimes I wish we talk for hours, the way we used to, 

I wish we could roam around together and go on for as long as we want to,

Sometimes I wish I could rest my head on your shoulders for a while,

I wish I could do something and bring on your face, the biggest smile

Sometimes I wish you could accompany me back home, making me forget all my tiresomeness,

I wish you could still tell me stuff without any feeling of guilt or awkwardness..

Sometimes I wish the messages had never stopped,

The ego within us had never cropped,

I wish the distance between us had never increased,

The truth is I still miss you, I have nothing in this to deny

I wish I could have just had a chance to stop you and ask WHY.. ..

I wish I could ask you  Why did you have to go ? 

I wish you’d just spoken to me,

I would’ve corrected all wrong with a glee,

But now, as I see that you chose to move away,

I guess it’s time even I call it a day…

Maybe this is the least I can do for your smile,

But yes, Sometimes I wish there was another way….

Anonymous007 ..:)


The First time

So Yaaa..this is the first time I’m on a blogging site …For long, I thought what’s the fun in posting stuff on public walls, least I knew that anonymity is the best way to express what’s inside…

About me, I’m 20, one of those guys who had the ambitions of becoming a successful sportsperson but ends up in a sucky 9 to 6 life… Traveling is not only my passion, it’s kind of my ambition to go around the world and explore places..Oh yes, ALWAYS A DOG PERSON.

I write about a lot of stuff…and I plan to publish a lot of stuff here…so yes, I hope you  people enjoy reading my blog